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SAMIR FEJZIĆ BAND – Beautiful Mind

New album – promotion

Dear friends, I am pleased to invite you to the promotion of my new album ”Beautiful Mind”’, which will be held in the hall of the Music High School in Sarajevo, Friday, 30.12.2016 at 04:00 pm. Welcome!

Dragi prijatelji, zadovoljstvo mi je pozvati vas na promociju svog novog albuma ”Beautiful Mind”, koja će se održati u sali Srednje muzičke škole u Sarajevu, u petak, 30.12.2016. g. u 16 h. Dobro došli!

New album – cover art

Front page, as well as the whole cover – art of my new album is the work of the painter Senad Pepic.cover-design1

Lydian Rondo

”Lydian Rondo” is the title of my new composition, that tomorrow I’m recording for the new album, together with one of the most talented guitarists of the younger generation – Dino Mangafic. May force be with us. 🙂DSC_0009[1]

New Compositions

The work on my new album is exciting but sometimes exhausting too… So far, I completed six compositions. These are: ”Balkan Madness”, ”Sjetni princ”, ”Jazz for Schönberg ”, ”Poet in Love ”, ”Nocturne Oriental” and ”Iz stare Bosne” (From Old Bosnia). We stay in touch 🙂

Made In New York Jazz Competition 2014

Experiments with atonality, polytonality and polyrhythms led me to a new work – ” Jazz For Schonberg”, written for the world’s jazz competition in New York. If you think that my new piece is cool enough to be found among the best, please support so you’ll vote for us. Thank you in advance!

Jazz For Schoenberg

New video

This video represents my stylization of one famous Bosnian Sevdalinka. Work is on track of my achievements from previous albums, most notably from the album “Bosnian songs for voice and trio”, for which is a music journalist Tayfun Kesgin said:

“It can not just call it jazz fusion – it’s primarily a jazz Sevdah. Instead of merely finding a common language for both genre, they become an integral part of one another, blending naturally rather than artificially. Stylized traditions, which are brilliantly decorated in the spirit of jazz, still have a chance to breathe in the infinite space, showing its free spirit in soloing and improvisation, something, without which the jazz and Sevdalinka been unthinkable. Even beyond all that, Samir Fejzić Trio moving musical boundaries even further with excursions into classical music, funk and other genres. Indeed, a unique effort of young and extremely talented musician from Sarajevo gathered by inspiring arranger and leader of a broad vision.”



Novi album

Na muzičkoj akademiji u Sarajevu je 28.11.2013. održana promocija mog novog albuma ”Our Friendship”. Uskoro će se moći kupiti na uobičajenim mjestima (knjižara Šahinpašić, Conectum, Art kuća sevdaha), a trenutno se može kupiti na ovoj adresi:

Pozdrav svima,


Nastup ispred narodnog pozorišta u Sarajevu

U organizaciji avio kompanije Turkish Airlines, Samir Fejzić Trio će nastupiti na platou ispred Narodnog pozorišta u Sarajevu, u utorak, 20.8.’13. sa početkom u 19 h.

New Album

Hello everyone,

As some already know, for some time I’m recording my new album which will be called ”Our Friendship”. Until now recorded 8 of 9 compositions. During this time the live performances are kept to a minimum – usually I perform in a trio: every second Wednesday in the Sarajevo’s ”City pub”. I hope to see you there 🙂

Kind regards to all.



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