Samir Fejzić, a pianist and composer from Sarajevo his formal music education gained at the Music Academy in Sarajevo, where he, in 2012., received master’s degree on the subject in the field of modern harmony. He is currently employed as a professor at the Music High School in Sarajevo, where he teaches Renaissance and Baroque counterpoint. He is the author of the book ”Vokalni kontrapunkt”, published by Svjetlost in Sarajevo, and co-author of a collection ”Bosnian Songs for Voice and Piano”. Simultaneously to composing and lecturing, Samir performs as a jazz pianist and has up-to-date recorded a couple of TV shows (“Jazz in action” for Bosnia and Herzegovina TV), and five CDs: ”Vintage” (from 2007), performed with the Swedish singer Karolina Ollinen, ”Bosnian Songs for Voice and Trio” (2009), ”Romantic Soul” (2011), ”Beautiful Mind” (2016) with Samir Fejzić Band, and ”Our Friendship” (2013, with Samir Fejzić Trio). At the World Jazz Competition in New York, he won the second place in its category, with the composition ”Toccata Rustica”, at the end of 2013. He received Charter, in 2001, attributed by the Association of Music Educators Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has performed at cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia and Azerbaijan.